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Goture Swivels 200pcs/Pack

Goture Swivels 200pcs/Pack

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Brand Name: Goture

Material: Carbon Steel

Quantity: 200 pieces

Swivel Size: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0, 3/0, 5/0

  •  The fishing swivels barrel made with stainless steel SUS304 and copper alloy. The high quality barrel fishing swivel material can bear great pressure. The surface of the swivel is plated with black nickel to prevent from rusting. You can use the fishing barrel swivel in both freshwater and saltwater and not worry about the problem of rusting. The smooth and nickel surface prevents corrosion.
  •  fishing swivels barrel have the better performance in auto steady spinning, so it can smoothly rotate 360 ° and absorb the rotation of the bait before passing it to the fishing line. you can use this barrel swivel to prevent twisting. The surface is treated so that it is particularly smooth and does not affect the line at all.
  • The rings at both ends are smooth and seamless, would not scratch the lines. This is a special type with little resistance to water and little effect on the motion of the connectors, and the role of the connector maximizes the authenticity and role of the connector. The stainless steel barrel fishing swivel will provide more stable connection and durable using. Whether you tie the fishing lure or bait on the swivel, it can provide a very stable connection.
  •  Breaking strength from 31lb to 148lb. We prepared various sizes ranging from small fish like bass mackerel to large fish like tuna. So that the fishing swivel can be used for more fishing usage.

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